Keynote Speaker | Executive Coach, Author - Colby Richards
Executive coaching, strategic planning, & leadership training to help you gain clarity in your career & reach your full potential. Keynote speaker and author, Colby Richards captures the room & propels personal and professional leaders towards greatness.
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Life in Print

Life’s most powerful moments often happen when we least expect them. In the alternating moments of triumph and tragedy, we savor the blessings and do our best to overcome the struggles. How we handle each of these often has effects that reach far beyond the moment.


My name is Colby Richards, and my goal here is to build rapport and relationships by writing about topics we all face in life. Through these subjects, I hope to connect with you and help you get the clarity and tools to help you achieve your personal and business goals.


Through 29 years spent working, speaking, and providing training in both private industry and government, I have had the opportunity to work with many people. These relationships have created opportunities to coach people to personal breakthroughs and career success.


I have had successful careers in insurance, risk management, sales, web design and digital marketing. I have conducted high level assignments and been a key player in strategic planning and organizational development.


Currently, I am the Managing Partner of Brown Box Branding’s Seattle and Portland offices. I recently became a contributing author in the book, Living a Wealthy Life. Additionally, I conduct investigations involving human resource issues and other legal issues for local government.


I am happily married and have four amazing children. Our family’s journey daily navigates Autism, ADHD, and heart conditions. We are blended and blessed through it all.


Join me as we learn and grow together.

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